98 of 114 NY Virus Deaths are 60+, 30,000 Retired Retirees from Health Field Volunteer to Help

This should tell us all we need to know about the danger for older persons in New York State. Age breakdown of New York State 114 coronavirus deaths.

98 are 60+,

51 are 80+

114 total
90+: 15 people
80-89: 36 people
70-79: 29 people
60-69: 18 people
50-59: 11 people
40-49: 5 people

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo gave some good news Monday morning about those stepping up in this crisis. His office put out the call for retired health professionals to volunteer to help active employees who are pushed to the limit So far, over 30,000 have signed up to help on the state Department of Health’s website. It’s a remarkable testament to the power of retirees to help communities, especially at critical times like this.