“Repeal and Replace” the GOP Tax Bill Which Gives “Preferential Option for the Rich”

If there was any doubt that the Republican party in Congress is the party of the wealthy, there should be none anymore.  The tax bill passed this week is the exact opposite of what the Catholic Church calls “a preferential option for the poor.”  This bill says the government of the United States should be primarily on the side of benefitting the wealthy when it comes to economics.

They don’t really care about the federal deficit – as they said before – if it gets in the way of tax cuts.  They would rather have the big tax cuts and increased inequality.  Why is this the case?  I think it is because they have been taking so much money from wealthy interests, especially after Citizens United was decided by the Supreme Court.    Some Republican members were quoted as saying their donors would not give them any more money if they didn’t get the tax bill passed.

So, now we must fight this bill with fire and push to “repeal and replace” it just as they did from the moment Obamacare was passed.  I have no doubt that this bill, and the sabotaging of the Affordable Care Act by repealing the individual mandate will produce a monumental backlash.  And, that is all before you add in the unpopularity of Donald Trump.


Democrats Take Lead in NBC Poll with Seniors in 2018 Congressional Race

A new NBC Wall Street Journal poll has Democrats taking the lead among seniors, by 46% – 42%, in preference for next year’s Congressional elections.  Republicans have usually led among seniors in polls.   Overall in the poll, Democrats are favored 50% – 39%.  Among young people, ages 18-35, Republicans are crushed 69%- -21%.  Democrats lead among women by 20% and even have a 2% lead among men.   They lead by 12% among independents.  Republicans are favored by white voters by 2% and by 12% among white voters without a college degree.

Donald Trump’s approval rate in this poll is 41%.    The poll was taken after the vote in the Alabama Senate race last week.   Also this poll happens before Republicans attempt to cut Medicare and perhaps Social Security after they complete tax reform. House Speaker Paul Ryan has long wanted to re-structure and cut entitlement programs though President Trump was not in favor of changes during the campaign.  Trump’s commitments are constantly changing and can’t be depended upon though.

Pushing legislation to cut Medicare and Social Security would be an unpopular move likely to end in failure like the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  With only a one seat margin in the Senate now and with someone like Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Chair of the Aging Committee, perhaps in opposition, cutting Medicare and Social Security seems like political suicide .