Thousands of Seniors in Florida Nursing Homes Stay Put During Storm

Many seniors are staying put in nursing homes in Florida.   A study concluded that nursing home residents who are moved during a storm are twice as likely to die if moved than if they were able to stay put.   For many, staying in the nursing home is the best option and the homes make preparations days in advance.   Here is a link to a CNN story from Florida.

NYS Court of Appeals Says No Right to Doctor Assisted Suicide in State

In a unanimous 5-0 ruling, the State Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state,  has ruled against doctor assisted suicide.   The court rejected the arguments of three terminally ill plaintiffs, two of whom have died since the case began.  The court said that individuals have the right to reject treatment but that having a doctor prescribe life ending drugs is not a right guaranteed.

Supporters of  physician assisted suicide are continuing to push for the State Legislature to enact a law making it legal for doctors to prescribe the drugs.   The bill had passed the Assembly Health Committee in 2016 but was not acted upon in that committee during the 2017 session.   Assisted suicide has been approved in a handful of states either through legislation, a public referendum or via the courts.

Here is a link to a media story for more details