Trump’s Ageist Attack on Ginsburg

As is his habit, Donald Trump unleashed a personal and ageist attack on 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, saying her mind was “shot” and she should resign.  Ginsburg, in an unusual and inappropriate public comment for a Supreme Court Justice – who are not supposed to express public opinions on candidates – said Trump is  a faker and she couldn’t imagine what the country would be with Trump as President.

So, Trump resorted to attacking her as an old person whose mind is gone, which of course is far from true.  It was another in his pattern of personal insults.  He could have criticized and rebutted her remarks but he chose to resort to a cheap attack on an older person, trying to stereotype her as a person over 80 who must be senile.

It is probably another case in which Trump feels he is happily not being politically correct, but it is not about political correctness.  It is about common decency.  He needs to be called on it so that other older persons are not treated like this by Trump and others who may echo him in the public sphere.