How They Voted on Physician Assisted Suicide

Here is the vote in the Assembly Health Committee on A.10059 (Paulin) on Monday, May 23, 2016.  This is the first vote on this bill.  13 Democrats voted in favor and 6 against.  5 Republicans voted against and 1 in favor and 1 excused


Abinanti YEA

Braunstein YEA

Cahill NAY

Cymbrowitz NAY

Dinowitz YEA

Duprey YEA

Galef YEA

Garbarino NAY

Goodell NAY

Gottfried YEA

Gunther NAY

Hevesi YEA

Jaffe YEA


Lavine YEA


Mayer NAY


Paulin YEA

Peoples-Stokes NAY


Raia NAY

Rosenthal YEA

Schimminger NAY


Steck  YEA

Titone YEA

Walter NAY

Tally:   14 YEA, 11 NAY, 1 EXCUSED.

Assembly Health Committee Approves Physician Assisted Suicide by 14-11

The Assembly Health Committee approved A10059, to allow aid in dying or physician assisted suicide in a 14-11 vote late Monday afternoon. We are waiting to get an official vote count but it seems that five Democrats may have voted against the bill and one Republican voted in favor with another Republican absent who was opposed. The bill now goes to the Assembly Codes Committee.  It is unknown if the committee will move the bill. this year. The Codes Committee  has been known as  a committee that seeks to review all the law changes that will be required in each bill.  So, that process may take longer that the few weeks left in the session.